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Dr Megan Rutter

Trainees Committee co-chair

Dr Megan Rutter is co-chair of the RCP Trainees Committee. She was first elected to the committee as a West Midlands representative in 2017.

She is a dual rheumatology and general internal medicine specialist registrar (ST6) who is currently out of programme doing a PhD at the University of Nottingham. Her research interest is rare autoimmune rheumatic diseases and in 2021 she was awarded a Versus Arthritis clinical research fellowship to fund her research.

During her time on the Trainees Committee, Megan has sat as a representative to the General Internal Medicine Specialist Advisory Committee, the Physician Specialty Recruitment Office and the Flexibility and Wellbeing Reference Group. She has also organised and hosted trainee-focused webinars and has guest edited a trainee edition of Commentary. Locally, she has held positions as the trainee representative to the West Midlands Rheumatology Specialist Trainee Committee, and as an associate college tutor. She has benefited from the experience of working across the West and East Midlands, which has given her a better perspective of how different deaneries are run.