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REDUCe study team

Excellence in Patient Care Awards 2018 – The Lancet research award

The REDUCe study aims to improve end-of-life care in end-stage liver disease by conducting a feasibility randomised controlled trial comparing recurrent large volume paracentesis with long-term abdominal drains in refractory ascites where transplant is deemed to not be an option.

What were your project’s key outcomes and successes and how has it improved care for patients?

The REDUCe study aim is to improve end-of-life care of people with end-stage liver disease (ESLD). The combination of qualitative and quantitative patient and carer outcomes will generate new evidence for unmet medical need. We are beginning to see positive changes in attitudes towards this patient group among healthcare professionals.

Who was involved?

Despite the challenges, success is down to a collaborative multidisciplinary study team including hepatologists, palliative care physicians, community nurses, heath economists, qualitative researchers and a clinical trials unit.

What does winning the Excellence in Patient Care Award mean for your work and yourself? What impact has it had?

We are delighted to win the RCP award. It will further raise the profile of patients with ESLD who need improved provision of high-quality end-of-life care.

The Excellence in Patient Care Awards 2019 will open for entries later this year.