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Sue Latchem

Executive director, care quality improvement

Sue Latchem leads the Care Quality Improvement Directorate (CQID).

CQID delivers ambitious programmes that support healthcare improvement and patient safety via a range of workstreams and partnerships:

  1. Managing national clinical audit programmes to improve care in COPD and asthma services, falls and fragility fracture care (The NACAP and FFFAP audit teams).
  2. Accrediting clinical services in endoscopy, allergy, liver, pulmonary rehabilitation, and primary immunodeficiency with a new pilot for diabetes from 2022 (The accreditation teams: JAG, IQAS, IQILS, IQIPS, PRSAS).
  3. Supporting healthcare improvement and patient safety in the NHS via learning programmes, projects, bespoke support to NHS teams together with support to a range of networks including the RCP Patient Carer Network (The Improvement team).

A nurse and midwife by profession, Sue has significant clinical, managerial and leadership experience in the NHS having worked in secondary care and regional roles and more recently in a number of national level roles supporting change and improvement.

Sue continues to focus her work on making a difference to patients by working with them, alongside clinicians, to develop and implement programmes of change based on evidence and data.