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Tom Baker

Executive director of education

Tom Baker leads the Education Directorate, which supports the professional development of clinicians in the UK and around the world.

The work of the directorate focuses on supporting clinicians to develop as educators, leaders, lifelong learners, researchers and improvers. We achieve this through providing high quality education programmes and learning resources; supporting high quality assessment and examinations; consultancy and bespoke packages; curriculum development; credentialling; supporting implementation of quality improvement; and developing clinician researchers.

An educator by profession, Tom has significant medical education, leadership and management experience having worked across mainstream and higher education programmes. His work focuses on helping healthcare professionals and organisations master: supervisory practice; assessment; feedback; leadership development; development of training curriculum; and faculty development.

Having joined the RCP in 2014, Tom’s work has spanned the UK as well as across a number of countries including Switzerland, Iceland, America, Canada, India, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Tom’s international work has included working with organisations and hospitals to introduce and implement the UK CMT and IMT training curricula, as well as working with organisations and hospitals to develop the quality of local education and training for their workforce. This work has included faculty development, curriculum design and consultancy, workplace-based assessment, supervisory practice, appraisal training, supporting trainees and colleagues in difficulty, effective teaching skills, and curriculum implementation.