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Assessment – Floor 11

Floor 11 of RCP at The Spine has been designed specifically to host exams and assessment, particularly for MRCP(UK) PACES, the DGM clinical examination, and the Physician Associates National Certification exam.

Hosting these exams in our previous RCP North building in Liverpool over the last couple of years has enabled the assessment team to learn from that experience and incorporate new design features that support the efficient hosting of different exams and assessments.

The new assessment floor features two identical sets of rooms set either side of the lifts, with a dedicated reception area to welcome patients, candidates and examiners. In addition to the small rooms set aside for examining candidates, the floor will include an examiners’ briefing room and a patient waiting room. To increase usability, the assessment suites will have adjustable walls to vary the size of the rooms to accommodate different exams, and some rooms will be able to host two patients instead of one, while maintaining confidentiality with the use of screens.

New features at The Spine include flexible CCTV capability to enable filming practice scenarios and to support teaching and education, and timing systems will also be installed with a tannoy to help exams run to time, and to reach specific examiners or candidates. The design of The Spine supports a better flow of patients, candidates and examiners, who will have their own entry and exit to the building on the opposite side to the main entrance.

In keeping with the healthy principles behind RCP at The Spine, the assessment rooms will benefit from natural light due to the full height windows, providing a calm environment for what can be a stressful experience for candidates.