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RCP Museum Late - February

When and where

8 February 2023
Royal College of Physicians
11 St Andrew's Place, London, NW1 4LE

Past event

RCP Museum Late - February

Explore the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) museum and brand new exhibition 'Unfamiliar' after hours.

Discover new exhibition 'Unfamiliar'

The RCP museum is delighted to introduce photographer Theo Deproost and physician associate Debbie Jegede. Together, Theo and Debbie identified objects from within the depths of our museum stores which intrigue, surprise and delight them. Debbie’s clinical curiosity and Theo’s creative eye bring together the worlds of medicine and art, as they reinterpret items from our medical and fine art collections. The stunning results are displayed in the exhibition, alongside the original objects to highlight their hidden richness and beauty.

Theo’s photographs offer new, altered perspectives that challenge our understanding and impression of supposedly inert museum objects. Theo and Debbie invite us to approach these objects and images with a curious mind, to experience them in unexpected ways, and reinterpret them through the lens of our own experiences.

Join a curator introduction

At 6pm and 7pm enjoy a curator’s introduction to the exhibition.

Explore the Museum after hours

Visitors will be able to explore our:

  • portraits and silver, displayed throughout the building
  • fascinating Symons collection of artefacts which would have been used by physicians and for self-care in the home
  • Prujean chest of 17th century surgical instruments
  • extraordinary set of 17th-century human remains - John Finch's anatomical tables which give a fascinating insight into dissection and discovery in anatomy

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