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Excellence in Patient Care Awards FAQs

This page provides further information on how to enter the RCP Excellence in Patient Care Awards and the judging process.

Entry process

How do I enter?

The Excellence in Patient Care Awards 2021 has an entry process including a longlisting and shortlisting.

  1. Submit an abstract of your project / case study. Your abstract should not be longer than 500 words; referencing is not crucial at this stage. Abstract submissions are open until 5pm on 2 December 2020.
  2. Our judges will select a longlist for each award category, and these teams/individuals will be invited to submit a more detailed application in late-January 2021.
  3. After each team/individual on the longlist have submitted their detailed application, the judges will narrow these entries down to a shortlist of finalists. The shortlist will be announced to all RCP members and fellows on April 2021.
  4. The winners will be announced 26 May 2021.

Unfortunately we cannot offer extensions for entry deadlines due to our tight timeline.

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Who is eligible?

Subscribing members of the Royal College of Physicians of London, from medical student level upwards, are eligible to enter or can be nominated. For team entries, at least one person needs to be a subscribing member of RCP London.

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What are the award categories?

  • Digital award – recognises and rewards the use of new or existing technologies or digitally driven projects that have contributed to significant improvements in patient care or health outcomes.
  • Innovation award – rewards projects that have used innovative new techniques or ideas that have contributed to significant improvements in patient care or health outcomes.
  • International award – recognises and rewards projects that have been delivered outside the UK and have contributed to significant improvements in patient care and health outcomes in a particular country or region.
  • Medical education and training award – rewards projects involving the development of medical education and training programmes, services or structures that have improved the quality of patient care delivered, whether on a local or wider scale.
  • Person-centred care award  recognises projects that have placed patients’ needs, views and involvement at their heart, demonstrating a truly patient-centred approach to improving care.
  • Quality improvement award – celebrates projects that have implemented systematic change in order to achieve a measurable improvement in the quality of healthcare services, patient care or health outcomes.
  • Research award – rewards original research that has contributed to, or has the potential to contribute to, significant improvements in health outcomes or the quality of patient care. We welcome entries on unpublished works.
  • Welfare and wellbeing award – celebrates teams that have prioritised team and individual welfare in the form of flexible working, mindfulness and wellbeing or team building activities to ensure staff are working at their best and continue to treat patients at the best of their ability.
  • Contribution to the profession award – given to an RCP member at any stage of their medical career who has demonstrated excellence in their professional life so far. This can be in the development of clinical services, educational support or in the pastoral care of their patients and colleagues. We welcome applications from physician associates.
  • Excellence in times of crisis – recognises and rewards dedication to healthcare during times of exceptional crisis or an emergency incident; we particularly welcome applications related to COVID-19.

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Can I enter for multiple award categories?

A project can be entered for one award category only. If you are working on multiple projects, each can be entered for a different category. You may only submit one application per category.

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Should I enter as a team or an individual?

If your entered project benefited from the contribution of a group of people, your submission should be clearly identified as a team entry and should highlight the contribution of each team member.

All categories are self-entry only, apart from contribution to the profession, which means your project should be one you have worked on yourself, or as part of a team.

Projects that are long-term and have begun, or have had stages, outside of the current EPCA year can be submitted as an entry with your discretion. 

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How does the nomination process work?

Our contribution to the profession categories are only open for nominations. The nominee needs to be a subscribing member/fellow of RCP London; you as a nominator do not necessarily have to be one. Please make sure your abstract submission clearly defines the nominee and nominator.

All other categories are open for self-entry only.

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Who is a suitable referee for my entry?

All award submissions need to be supported by a referee who will be asked to provide a brief testimonial about your project. They should have a good understanding of the entered project, but cannot be part of the project team.

Please make sure the referee is informed and available via email to provide the brief testimonial.

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Judging process

How does the judging process work?

All entries will be assessed in detail by our judging panel. Please have a look at our category descriptions for further information on specific judging criteria. Due to the number of submissions we are not able to provide you with personal feedback from our judging panel.

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Can I include references in my entry?

If you include your references as either footnotes, or at the bottom of your entry, they won’t count as part of your word count. If you include your references throughout the full document, or within the text of your entry, they will be included in the word count for that section.

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Can the decision on award finalists or winners be withdrawn?

If evidence should occur indicating that the data provided in your application is untruthful, the RCP has the right to take back their initial decision.

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When and how will I know whether I have been longlisted or shortlisted?

Teams and individuals included in the longlist will be contacted via email in mid-January 2021. Unfortunately, due to the volume of entries received we will only be able to contact those entrants who have been longlisted.

Finalists who have made it onto the shortlist will be contacted in April 2021, prior to public announcement.

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When will I know whether I have won?

Winners for all award categories will be announced in May 2021.

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