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Kite-marking RCP approved job descriptions

Have your job description stamped with the RCP approved kitemark before you advertise.

The RCP is offering you a five working day service to place an ‘RCP approved’ stamp on your approved job description before it goes to advert, to make your vacancy more appealing to applicants. We will also be encouraging potential jobseekers to look out for the ‘RCP-approved’ stamp, to be assured that the job description has been through an external process of quality assurance and has met national standards.

All you need to do is return the completed kitemark request form.

If a regional adviser indicates the consultant job description has met exceptional criteria, then it will be offered the RCP ‘gold standard approved’ stamp (which launches at the beginning of 2019).

The kite-marking service is underpinned by a network of over 400 doctors, who assess and improve job descriptions to:

  • ensure that your posts meet national standards for the specialty and role you are offering
  • check that the role is achievable in the context of NHS pressures and patient safety.

Before posts are kitemarked for consultant and specialty doctor posts, medical staffing departments should request a review of their job description, prior to advertising. Request a review of your job description on the AAC page. 


If you have any questions, or would like further information, please email the AACs Unit at aac@rcp.ac.uk.