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Organisational change, leadership and strategy

The Royal College of Physicians and Birkbeck University of London are working in partnership to deliver new and innovative short courses suited to modern clinical leaders both nationally and internationally. The first of these short courses to be offered will address organisational change and strategy and leading a diverse workforce.

This 30-credit module is designed for senior clinicians seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge to be effective leaders of change in the modern-day medical workplace. The course provides learners with the opportunity to develop and enact leadership of organisational change compassionately, ethically and informed by the best evidence.

It is particularly relevant given the health and care bill introduced to the UK Parliament in July 2021. The focus of the bill, as laid out in the government’s proposals in February 2021, is greater integration between health and care services.

Learning takes place via a blended approach, with three days of face-to-face teaching delivered in purpose-built facilities at the RCP in London supplemented with an online study hosted by Birkbeck. Learners will participate in collaborative sessions and one-to-one tutorials online and access video resources, readings and individual learning activities. Academic content is put into clinical context through case studies delivered by expert facilitators who have delivered change within the NHS, including medical directors and hospital chief executives

See the video below, where the RCP president, Dr Andrew Goddard discusses the benefits of the module:

Programme overview

This 30-credit module aims to equip clinicians with the opportunity to develop their medical and clinical leadership by:

  • Providing an academically robust evidence base for developing and implementing clinical leadership to bring about organisational change
  • Developing capabilities to enact change leadership compassionately, ethically and informed by best evidence

The main topics of study will be

  • Change Leadership
  • Decision making
  • Healthcare strategy and finance
  • A consultancy versus evidence-based management perspective on change

On successful completion of this module a student will be expected to be able to:

  • Adopt an evidence-based management perspective by evaluating research findings on leading change, decision making and healthcare strategy and finance to identify and reflect upon practical and strategic considerations for their own work context
  • Consider how theory and empirical evidence underpin and inform change management in healthcare organisations, and critically appraise a range of models and frameworks
  • Translate theoretical and empirical evidence into practice though working with real-life case studies to gain understanding of how relevant frameworks can be applied to manage change, including the consideration of how to manage potential resistance as well as ethical concerns
  • Reflect on and progress their own personal and professional development as leaders of organisational change
  • Transfer knowledge to their workplace by acting as champions and enactors of organisational change in a variety of contexts as appropriate to their respective clinical roles

Target audience

This module would be suitable for any individual who is responsible for the implementation of organisational change, leadership and strategy within the healthcare sector.
The content of the programme will draw on NHS case studies, but the generic principles will be applicable to anyone working in a healthcare organisation, both nationally and internationally.

Suggested audiences include:
•    Clinical Directors
•    Substantive consultants
•    Nurses with senior managerial roles
•    GPs
•    SAS Doctors with management roles


Online Day 1: Friday 23 September 2022
Face to face teaching: Wednesday-Friday, 2-4 November 2022
Online Day 2: Friday 18 November 2022
Group presentations (online): Friday 9 December 2022
Individual assessment due: Friday 3 February 2023

Fees and application details

The fee for this 30 credit at level 7 course is £1,950.

Please email postgraduate@rcp.ac.uk with your name and email address and including the following:

A full curriculum vitae including your professional registration number and name of body, for example, GMC number 1233456

We will review your details and forward these to Birkbeck University of London for formal registration and payment for the course.

International applicants

Individuals who are nationals of a country from outside the European Economic Area or Switzerland will be required to obtain a short-term study visa when coming to the UK for study periods. Depending on your nationality you can apply for this visa either upon entry to the UK, or in advance at the British embassy / high commission in your country of residence.

To ensure that Birkbeck meets Home Office requirements, please note the following:

  • Students are able to enter the UK via an eGate – students should NOT do this, but instead should request an entry stamp from an immigration officer. Students entering without a stamp may not be able to study.

For any questions about this, please see Birkbeck’s website, or contact the International Student Administration team at Birkbeck on +44(0)20 3926 3100 or isa@bbk.ac.uk