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Volunteers needed for our new RCP Revise Question Bank for Physician Associates.

We are developing our new revision question bank for physician associates – we need question writers and approvers.

Volunteer to join our growing team of question writers

We are developing a new revision product for Physician Associates and we need help to develop hundreds of questions in a short space of time.

We will provide training in how to write high-quality single best answer questions, all questions will be reviewed prior to acceptance into the question bank, and you will receive feedback to help develop your question-writing style.  You can write questions at a time to suit you, and contribute as many, or as few, as you are able. 

When you write for us, we will provide a letter for your portfolio, acknowledging your important contribution.  

The question authors writing for the revision PA question bank are being incentivised, as a large number of questions are needed in a short space of time. Any author who submits, and has 20 questions approved by a reviewer and proof-reader, will receive access to our portfolio of online training courses, and after 30 questions are approved will received a voucher for £100 to put towards the registration fee of an RCP event. The incentive is in place whilst the Question Bank is in development, and will finish once the Question Bank has sufficient questions to launch, later in 2022.

The current team of question writers includes Physician Associates, trainees of all grades, consultants, and representatives from General Practice, surgery, and several other specialties. The more volunteers we have involved, the quicker we can launch this valuable resource for Physician Associates. 

Apply using the form at the end of the page.

Questions approvers/ editors

Question writers who successfully contribute eight questions can apply to join the team of question approvers. Further training is provided for this role; approvers are responsible for reviewing and editing questions submitted by authors, as well as providing constructive feedback to the authors to help them develop their question writing style.

As an approver, you will receive a letter for your portfolio, acknowledging your important contribution. 

Apply now

We have built an online system for writing, reviewing and editing questions, called QuestionMaker. To join the team please complete this short registration form, and you will be sent enrolment details for the QuestionMaker system.

All volunteers must be qualified in their area of practice (PA/doctor) i.e. not a student, and not already involved in examining for the Physician Associates National Exam (PANE) [OSCE examiners are permitted to join this team.].

If you have any questions please contact questionmaker@rcp.ac.uk.