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Paces examiner Dr Peter Newman

Consultant neurologist, James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough

PACES examiners: in their words - Dr Peter Newman FRCP.

How has it been for me as a battle-hardened PACES examiner?

It is a refreshing break from daily clinical work, whether examining in my hospital or further afield. Travel broadens the mind, and examining in other hospitals from Aberdeen to Truro or anywhere in between gives interesting insights. Fellow examiners are a decent, convivial and committed bunch, and to share their company is always a pleasure. And cross specialty CPD is valuable to anyone.

Many years have passed since I received notification from the RCP advising of my success in the MRCP, but I still recall that happy day when the hurdle was crossed and I could pursue my career in neurology. The current generation are equally dependent on this great stride towards specialty training. In our comfortable position as RCP fellows, we have a duty in teaching the membership to help our juniors to progress their careers. Examining PACES is just another facet of this responsibility to our trainees. 

MRCP sets the standard for future specialists. If you are not already a PACES examiner, do give it a try. You will find the time to do so. As physicians, there are not many tasks which are so valuable and yet so enjoyable.