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Turner-Warwick lectures

Most trainees apply to the Turner-Warwick lecturer scheme because a consultant they know recommended it to them.

The Turner-Warwick lecturer scheme provides a sense of pride, builds confidence and gives encouragement to trainees across the UK. The scheme underlines the value trainees bring to healthcare, and also fosters soft skills like public speaking and how to package information for diverse medical audiences.

Winning trainees will be able to reach beyond their specialty and present their lecture to a wide range of specialists and future collaborators. The lectures will be presented at our Update in medicine conferences and on our digital platform, RCP Player. Winners are also presented with a plaque from the RCP president and feature in our annual Turner-Warwick yearbook. 

All winning lecture abstracts will be considered by the editorial teams of the RCP journals with the potential of expanding into full journal articles and publication in one of our peer reviewed journals, Clinical Medicine or the Future Healthcare Journal.

Winning the TW lecture opened up opportunities within the RCP and postgraduate educational roles as a consultant.

Dr Huda Mahmoud, past Turner-Warwick lecturer for the East Midlands region

How to apply for the 2024 scheme

Applicants need to submit an abstract of the proposed lecture, which should be based on their work in one of the following areas (maximum 250 words, excluding references):

  • clinical research
  • successful quality improvement programme (QIP)
  • achievements in medical education

The lecture must be designed to be of educational value to a general medical audience. Abstracts should be submitted using this survey and will require a consultant supporting statement.

Please see FAQs below for further information.


Trainee physicians at IMT, MTI, ACCS-AM or ST3-7 level (or equivalent*) are invited to apply. To be eligible they should not be expecting to complete training (i.e. obtain their CCT) before 31 December 2024.  Trainees should be working in an RCP recognised medical specialty within England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

*Locally employed doctors working within an RCP recognised medical specialty at equivalent training grades, are also encouraged to apply. 

Trainee physicians should apply for the region/nation where they are currently training. NB: this scheme is for a single lecturer and joint applications are therefore not accepted. If you are a consultant physician please consider encouraging trainees to apply. Applications from public health trainees will be accepted if they are subscribing members of the RCP.

Please note that although you do not need to be an RCP subscribing member to apply, all winning applicants will be offered free RCP membership for one year (either on renewal or as a new member).

Application timeline

  • Applications open: 23 February 2023
  • Deadline for submissions: 21 June 2023
  • Winners announced: September 2023
  • Lectures presented: 2024 (dates to be confirmed)
Undecided? Hear what our 2021 lecturers had to say about applying for the scheme.

Guidance for applicants

The lecture must be designed to be of educational value to a general medical audience and should include an evidence-based overview of the clinical topic. For example, if the lecturer's topic is based around a QIP they have carried out on the management of sepsis in their hospital, the lecture would provide an overview of current best practice in the management of sepsis.

Guidance for consultants

Supporting information may include comments on the trainee's work described in the abstract, their contribution to that work, or their academic, clinical and educational track record. Please comment on their lecturing/presentation skills, if possible. Supporting statements should be no longer than 150 words.


For more information, contact Gill Brown, deputy head of UK regions by phone on +44 (0)1858 458080, or email at UKRegions@rcp.ac.uk.

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