Our public health alliances

The RCP has been campaigning to prevent ill-health for over 60 years.

From Smoking and health, our seminal 1962 report that highlighted the link between smoking and lung cancer, to Every breath we take, our 2016 report on the lifelong impact of air pollution, to Homelessness and ill health, our 1994 report on the importance of good housing to good health, we have a longstanding record of speaking out on the issues that make a difference to people’s lives.

These days, we campaign on some of the biggest public health issues of our time – smoking, alcohol, obesity, climate change and health inequalities – through our alliances and advisory groups.

Over 250 organisations are now signed up to the Inequalities in Health Alliance, the coalition convened by the RCP to call for a cross-government strategy to tackle health inequalities. Our advisory groups on sustainability and climate change, on nutrition, weight and health, on health inequalities, and on tobacco ensure that we are evidence-driven and clinically led at all times.