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Future Healthcare Journal

The RCP’s Future Healthcare Journal is a triannual publication that builds on the work of the Future Hospital Commission by providing a forum for debate around the delivery of healthcare.

With a focus on improving patient care and management through process and system change, the journal engages issues from workforce planning to quality regulation to infrastructure, and is an informative read for everyone with an interest in healthcare systems and management.

The journal has editorial independence from the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) and decisions regarding the commissioning, selection and dissemination of content are the responsibility of the editor, taking into account peer review and guidance from the editorial board. All articles and other material published by FHJ reflect the agreed opinions of their authors and should not be taken to represent the policy of the RCP unless this is specifically stated.

Contribute to Future Healthcare Journal

The journal openly invites submissions for consideration and peer review. All articles, including commissioned articles, are subject to rigorous external review to ensure that those accepted are of the highest possible standard.

Please refer to the FHJ Instructions for authors for examples of the type of material we publish before you submit work. If you have any queries please email the editorial office: FHJ@rcp.ac.uk.

Advertising in Future Healthcare Journal

For information about online advertising on the RCP’s journal website, www.rcpjournals.org, please contact FHJ@rcp.ac.uk.