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RCP Revise™

RCP Revise™ is a collection of learning resources and courses designed to help doctors prepare for all parts of the MRCP(UK) examinations. 

We are developing and expanding our range of revision products to provide learning to suit all styles and budgets.

We currently offer these revision products for the MRCP(UK) examinations:

Textbooks: printed and ebook versions

Our Medical Masterclass textbooks are a comprehensive resource to help you prepare for the Part 1 and Part 2 exams. There are 12 textbooks in the Medical Masterclass series, which can be purchased individually or as a complete set. The latest third edition, published in 2018, has been updated to reflect changes to the MRCP(UK) exams, and is full of brand new content to help your revision.

The Medical Masterclass books have an easy-to-read format, clinical images and highlighted key points throughout. Written by over 75 authors and contributors, and considered to be the most comprehensive MRCP(UK) revision package available, the complete set has over 2,800 pages of relevant information and up-to-date content.

Available in printed copy via the RCP shop, and ebook versions are available on Amazon.

Question banks – MRCP(UK) Part 1 and Part 2

The RCP Revise question bank covers MRCP(UK) parts 1 and 2, through the choice of mock exams and quick quizzes, plus quizzes to test knowledge within each specialty. Subscription to the service offers an administrative account, where user accounts for the doctors within your organisation can be managed. 

Purchasing the question bank, for £55 also gives you access to PACES masterclass alongside the Part 1 and 2 question banks, a saving of £30!

RCP PACES masterclass

This course was created specifically to support candidates with preparation for their MRCP(UK) PACES exam: the practical assessment of clinical examination skills.

Combining useful tips, practical advice and examples to support your revision, this easy-to-navigate course will assist with all your preparation needs.

You can purchase PACES masterclass in a discounted package, alongside the Part 1 and 2 question banks here.

Virtual PACES revision course

The virtual PACES revision course has been designed by previous PACES examiners and will be delivered by senior clinicians who have experience in examining.

The course will focus on stations 1, 3 and 5 of the PACES exam:

•    Station 1 (respiratory and abdominal examinations)
•    Station 3 (cardiovascular and neurological examinations)
•    Station 5 (brief clinical consultations). 

The course will support delegates to understand the structure of the examination, highlight common errors and pitfalls, and offer the opportunity to discuss the approach to the physical examination cases encountered in the real exam. Completing this course will help your preparation to be even more effective.

Pre-recorded physical examinations have been made to replicate the stations of the real exam, and additional video and audio resources will be used to aid learning. You will have an opportunity to contribute actively, such as practising presenting cases, discussing differential diagnoses, or explaining how you would approach a particular station. 

This course will be delivered through the RCP’s purpose-built online teaching platform. Delegates will divide into small groups to facilitate interaction and discussion with the senior clinical tutors. 

A private teaching ‘classroom’ will be created two weeks prior to the course delivery date, and delegates will be provided with the link and log-in details. The RCP will provide online access support for delegates attending the training.

We will be delivering our next revision course ahead of diet 2 examinations. You can register your interest by emailing us.

Face to face PACES revision course

As Trusts start to think about supporting trainees revision for PACES again in a clinical setting we offer a “PACES revision in a box” approach – we can deliver and support a 2 day programme using your consultants, trainees and patients but supporting you to deliver this successfully. You can register your interest by emailing us.