14 December 2023

Support for service teams: adult asthma

Please note NRAP do not have information governance permission to view or receive patient identifiable data (including, but not limited to date of birth, NHS number and patient address).

Please do not send NRAP any patient identifiable information. We will still assist with your query to the best of our ability. Crown Informatics do have this permission in place.
Therefore, for support in resolving import error messages, we have been advised that you contact the webtool provider Crown directly (

Information governance


All hospitals in England and Wales who admit people with asthma attacks are eligible to participate. To register your hospital, please complete and send the registration and Caldicott Guardian approval forms below to

Information to share with patients

Information for patients and details about how NRAP works in partnership with patients and carers can be found on the patient support page.

Healthcare improvement (HI) support for asthma services 

Generic and asthma specific HI support is available for everyone on the NRAP website. This includes:  

  • Recommendations for HI priorities
  • Slide sets highlighting key findings from clinical audit reports to inform and support clinical teams to make improvements
  • "How to" guides for NRAP runcharts
  • Templates for driver diagrams, PDSA cycles and SMART aims.

For more information about NRAP's HI strategy and activities, click here.