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23 October 2023

NHFD improvement repository

KPI Cover

The KPIs for the NHFD are as listed below. National figures can be viewed in the NHFD annual reports while national and service level data can be accessed on the database website.

Collaboration is key to improvement. As such, we have created a platform for services to share improvement stories. In the downloads section, a series of case studies have been grouped by KPI as well as mortality. There is also a case study template for services to complete and send to The information provided will be written as a narrative and returned to you for approval before being published.

In order to measure the effectiveness of the changes you choose to implement, we recommend using the Statistical Process Control (SPC) Tool (accessible via the button on the right).

Key performance indicators (KPIs)

KPI 1 – Prompt orthogeriatric assessment
Percentage of hip fracture patients assessed by a senior orthogeriatrician within 72 hours

KPI 2 – Prompt surgery
Percentage of patients receiving hip fracture surgery by the day following admission

KPI 3 – NICE compliant surgery
Percentage of patients who received a NICE compliant surgical approach to their hip fracture surgery

KPI 4 – Prompt mobilisation after surgery
Percentage of patients mobilised by the day following hip fracture surgery

KPI 5 – Not delirious when tested after surgery
Percentage of patients who were assessed and found not to be delirious after their surgery

KPI 6 – Return to original residence by 120 days
Percentage of patients known to have returned to their original residence by 120 days after their hip fracture