20 June 2024

PRCP resignation arrangements confirmed

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Dr Sarah Clarke resigns as PRCP

Dr Sarah Clarke, president of the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) informed RCP Council of her intention to step aside from the role of president following a challenging time for the college. Dr Clarke met with the Board of Trustees on 20 June 2024 and confirmed this is with immediate effect. She will be available until September to support interim presidential arrangements.

Interim arrangements are now in place as per bye-law 25.1. Senior censor and vice president for education and training, Dr Mumtaz Patel will deputise on all matters of ceremony and the interim registrar, Dr Omar Mustafa will deputise for the purpose of transacting operational business. RCP Council will meet on 3 July to discuss a longer-term solution and we will share more information about the next formal presidential election with fellows and members as soon as possible.

Dr Clarke was previously clinical vice president of the RCP and past president of the British Cardiovascular Society. She is an interventional cardiologist at Royal Papworth Hospital in Cambridge where she is also clinical director for strategic development.

As only the fourth ever female president of the RCP, Dr Clarke oversaw the development and launch of Medical care: driving change, the RCP’s online hub of improvement resources. During her leadership of the college, the RCP has secured a number of key political achievements, including the NHS England Long Term Workforce Plan with its commitment to double the number of medical school places to 15,000 and increase postgraduate training places.

Dr Clarke has carried out more than 20 regional visits, meeting with thousands of fellows and members during her time in office. She has supported the Trainees Committee in their efforts to improve the working environment for early career doctors and last year, hosted a roundtable with senior female leaders on tackling misogyny in medicine.

She has overseen the expansion of the RCP’s flagship trainee leadership programme for chief registrars, welcomed shadow secretary of state for health, Wes Streeting as a keynote speaker at the RCP’s 2024 annual conference, and commissioned The King’s Fund independent learning review of events surrounding the extraordinary general meeting in March 2024.

For the record, the original statement of 19 June is available here.