13 June 2024

RCP responds to June 2024 NHSE performance data


Commenting on the data, Dr John Dean, clinical vice president of the RCP, said: “There was no let up for emergency care staff in May who saw the highest number of A&E attendances on record and the second highest number of A&E admissions. Staff are working incredibly hard to meet demand, but it’s clear that huge pressure remains.

“Similarly, the waiting list for diagnostic tests reached an all-time high in April, despite the number of tests completed being the second highest on record. Staff are working tirelessly to make a dent in backlogs - median waits for treatment have decreased by one week – but it is an uphill battle.

“The extraordinary number of patients left to wait for more than 12 hours before being admitted continues to be a great concern and indicates that too many will have been treated in corridors with no ward space available. Expecting patients to wait for that long in a corridor with acute illness is simply unacceptable.

“Whoever forms the next government must do more to create sufficient hospital and community-based capacity, so that acutely ill patients can receive care when they need it without harmful delays. The next government must also seek to reduce planned care waiting lists and transform outpatient care through expanding the workforce and investing in transformation of the wider system."