14 June 2024

RCP responds to Liberal Democrat election manifesto

Liberal Democrat Logo No Strapline
In response, Dr Mumtaz Patel, vice president for education and training of the Royal College of Physicians, said:  

“Prioritising the wellbeing of doctors is key, so we welcome the Liberal Democrat’s pledge for a 10-year plan to retain the hard-working staff we have now. Commitments to day-one rights to flexible working, expanded affordable childcare access, improved IT systems and investing in hospital premises can prove critical in creating an NHS which values its staff for the long-term.  

“Diagnostics are often the first vital step in getting the treatment patients need - ensuring timely access to these tests and checks is central to achieving the best outcomes for patients. Reviewing diagnostic provision across the NHS, and implementing a 10-year diagnostics plan, could be a welcome step towards positive improvement and transformation of diagnostics delivery in the NHS.  

“With 9.1 million people projected to be living with a major illness by 2024 in England alone, we must do more to prevent ill-health in the first place. We support the Liberal Democrats’ commitments to introduce regulation to tackle youth vaping while recognising e-cigarettes' life-saving role in helping adult smokers to quit - this was something we outlined in our recent E-cigarettes and harm reduction report 

“We also welcome proposals including restricting junk food advertising, tackling air quality with a new Clean Air Act, increasing the public health grant and pledging to help people spend 5 more years of their lives in good health.  

“The RCP convenes the Inequalities in Health Alliance which has long called for a cross-government strategy to tackle the wider factors affecting health. We are pleased that the Liberal Democrats would set up a Health Creation Unit in the cabinet office to lead work across government to tackle health inequalities.” 

Ahead of the 2024 general election RCP published Manifesto for Medicine – a healthier nation with access to excellent care. It outlines five key priority areas where the next UK government must take action to rescue the NHS.