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Announcing the 2023 Turner-Warwick lecturers

The Turner-Warwick lecturer scheme provides a sense of pride, builds confidence and gives encouragement to trainees across the UK. The scheme not only underlines the value trainees bring to healthcare, but also fosters skills like public speaking and how to package information for diverse medical audiences.

Now that the 2023 Turner-Warwick lecturer scheme has come to a close, it’s time to announce the winners! We couldn’t be more thrilled to shine a spotlight on each of these trainees who’ve worked incredibly hard. Our congratulations to each and every one!

And the winners are…

The judges have awarded one winner per region/nation; winners are listed below in alphabetical order by region/nation.

From the Eastern region:

Nicolai Grüner-Hegge, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge University Hospitals, with the lecture titled: Shared decision making in cardiology: rationale, evidence and implementation.

From the East Midlands region:

Dr Rosemary Arnott, United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, with the lecture titled: Influences on preparedness to practise: exploring the experiences of UK medical graduates during the COVID-19 pandemic.

From the Kent, Surrey and Sussex region:

Dr Matthew Cox, University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust, with the lecture titled: Lessons learned – educating junior doctors on clinical governance.

From the London region:

Dr Waqas Akhtar, Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust, with the lecture titled: Mechanical life support.

From the Mersey region:

Dr Mark Ellul, University of Liverpool/ The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust, with the lecture titled: Improving the diagnosis of encephalitis using CSF proteomic and metabolomic profiles.

From the North Western region:

Dr John McDermott, Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, with the lecture titled: Implementing pharmacogenetics in the NHS: improving outcomes and avoiding harm.

From the Northern region:

Dr Stuart Maitland, Newcastle University, with the lecture titled: Is muscle weakness getting on your nerves? The neurophysiology of sarcopenia.

From the Oxford and Thames Valley region:

Dr David Wen, Oxford University Hospital, with the lecture titled: Characteristics of open access skin cancer image datasets: implications for equitable digital health.    

From the South West region:

Dr Alexander Royston, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust – Musgrove Park Hospital, with the lecture titled: Using systems thinking to model tension between service provision and training postgraduate doctors in an NHS trust.

From Wales:

Dr Bethan Davies, Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board, with the lecture titled: A pathway to improving syncope care.

From the West Midlands region:

Dr Chern Hsiang Choy, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, with the lecture titled: Extending the reach of expert amyloidosis care: a feasibility study exploring the staged implementation of a UK amyloidosis network.   

From the Yorkshire region:

Dr Benjamin Lindsey, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, with the lecture titled: The use of whole genome sequencing to characterise hospital outbreaks of COVID-19.

Where can I hear the winners’ talks?

Each of the winners will be invited to present their lecture at a regional Update in medicine conference in 2023.

Details of these conferences can be found on our bespoke Update in medicine conferences webpage, where every regional conference for 2023 is listed, starting with our first stop in Brighton this February.

The 2023 Turner-Warwick lectures have also been recorded for our digital platform, RCP player, and are available to watch on demand now.