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RCP launches its first formal SAS doctor strategy

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) has today launched its first formal SAS doctor strategy. The new strategy, spanning 2022–24, sets out how the RCP will ensure SAS doctors are treated equitably within the RCP; are offered tailored opportunities that recognise their unique contributions to healthcare settings; and are provided with a platform to develop fulfilling careers.

Dr Jamie Read, RCP SAS lead, said: ‘SAS doctors are a fantastically diverse group of doctors. My own experience as an associate specialist at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust has allowed me to develop a portfolio career of clinical work, medical education and leadership. My aim as SAS lead is to promote and celebrate this diversity – reminding colleagues that SAS doctors have varied experiences, and that this makes us a key asset in the delivery of healthcare.’

SAS doctors are a significant, talented and experienced part of the UK medical workforce. The General Medical Council (GMC) register [as of 23 September 2021] showed that SAS doctors make up almost 20% of all doctors, rising to 30% when locally employed doctors are also included.

The SAS strategy outlines how this relatively new membership constituency can be developed and supported over the next strategic period and aims to double the numbers of actively participating SAS doctor as members and fellows of the RCP.

Dr Cathryn Edwards, RCP registrar, said: ‘SAS doctors are currently working in hospitals across the country, and the strategy highlights the need to identify and support these doctors in their training, leadership and educational needs. The medical workforce crisis, evident over the past decade, will only be addressed by drawing on the widest possible pool of talent and ensuring equity and representation in both the workplace and in the professional membership body of physicians – represented by the RCP’

Read the RCP SAS doctor strategy 2022–24 online.


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