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RCP responds to Greener NHS campaign

Professor Andrew Goddard, president of the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) responds to the Greener NHS campaign launched today to help tackle the climate ‘health emergency’.

Professor Andrew Goddard, Royal College of Physicians president, said:

“The climate emergency is a health emergency, with doctors and other clinicians already seeing the impacts associated with air pollution, rising temperatures and extreme weather events on the patients they treat. Climate change isn't something we can afford to delay acting on so it’s positive to see the NHS showing leadership on the issue.

“The NHS as an employer can support staff to do small things which can all make a difference. However, it's clear that we must also focus on the impacts of the system as a whole, and how the NHS can move towards net-zero as quickly as possible. It must use all the levers available to it, particularly those which encourage suppliers to move towards net-zero.

“Hospitals also have an opportunity to use their influence as key anchor institutions in local communities to drive positive change beyond their walls. Together staff and hospitals can make a big impact relatively quickly, by reducing wastage and promoting active transport. I know our members stand ready to help."

Read the full NHS press release here