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Mental health and wellbeing: Wider RCP resources

This mental health and wellbeing resource connects to a number of important ongoing and in-development RCP initiatives.

The RCP plays a critical role in influencing the raising of standards in the workplace. This includes many factors which impact on our sense of wellbeing and may become a daily struggle and push us into becoming unwell. Some of these initiatives are highlighted below.

Primary interventions

These proactive interventions focus on the workplace. They aim to remove or reduce the source of work-related stress and promote healthy work.

Secondary interventions

These ameliorative interventions aim to help modify the way we perceive or cope with a situation or to help us manage it more effectively.

Tertiary interventions

These interventions focus on the restoration of health.

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The RCP’s Mental health and wellbeing resource aims to support physicians to stay well and seek help when needed by opening up the conversation about mental health issues and their impact.