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National Asthma and COPD Audit Programme (NACAP): primary care workstream

What we are doing

The primary care workstream involves the collection of audit data relating to asthma and COPD patient care and management from routinely collected data in computerised primary care records.

Primary care - clinical audit (Wales)

This follows the primary care workstream approach of the National COPD Audit Programme which reported on primary COPD care in 2016 and 2017.

Information on asthma (adult and paediatric) and COPD patient care is extracted from GP practice record systems in Wales. All patients over the age of 35 with a diagnosis of COPD and all adults and children with a diagnosis of asthma in Wales are included.

The latest clinical audit report was published on the 10 March 2020 and its the first primary care report that covers the treatment of COPD in adults and asthma in both adults and children. 

The NHS Wales Informatics service (NWIS) Welsh primary care information portal which presents data extracted from general practices for the period of April 2017 - September 2018 launched on 1 September 2020. General Practices can view their own practice level data and benchmark themselves against cluster, local health board and national data. General practitioners in Wales can access the portal here: http://isdapps.wales.nhs.uk/pcip.

This work supports primary care quality improvement (QI) activities in England and Wales.

Register to participate in the primary care workstream (Wales)

Participation in the audit is on an ‘opt-in’ basis at the level of individual general practices. Initial recruitment was took place in April 2019 and will again commence in September 2020. Once a practice has opted-in, practice data will be automatically included in extractions that take place.

Practices that wish to opt in, or have queries about their registration status are advised to contact the Local Health Board representative that approached their practice about participating in the audit.

Workstream timelines

  • April 2019: recruitment of general practices in Wales
  • July 2019: extraction of general practice data
  • March 2020: Wales primary care clinical audit report 2017/2018 publication 
  • September 2020: recruitment of general practices in Wales
  • October 2020: extraction of general practice data 
  • April 2021: Wales primary care clinical audit report 2018-2020 publication

The above timeline may be subject to change but we will keep you updated regarding any changes and provide additional timeline details as they are confirmed.


If you think your data may have been collected as part of this audit and wish to have it removed, then please speak to your GP surgery staff, or contact a member of the audit programme team by email at nacap@rcplondon.ac.uk or by phone on +44 (0)20 3075 1526.

Who's involved


NACAP works closely with Informatica Systems Ltd (who facilitate the extraction of data from general practices), the National Wales Informatics Service (who provide data reporting services for general practices via the Primary Care Information Portal) and Imperial College London (who provide statistical data analysis services) to deliver this workstream. The audit is overseen by the various governance groups that form part of the NACAP. These include representation from the Respiratory Health Implementation Group, the Primary Care Respiratory Society UK , Royal College of General Practitioners and the Welsh Government.

What we have produced

This report presents results from an analysis of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) primary care data in Wales from the second round of the Welsh primary care audit component of the National Asthma and COPD Audit Programme (NACAP).

The Wales primary care clinical audit 2017/2018 report is the first report post launch of the National Asthma and COPD Audit Programme on 1 March 2018 and is the first primary care report that covers the treatment of COPD in adults and asthma in both adults and children.

Information and resources developed to help practices participating in the NACAP primary care workstream.