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IBD organisational audit - Adult report - round three 2011

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This 2011 report constitutes the third round of the national audit of the organisation of adult IBD services. This is the first round to audit adult IBD services directly against the National Service Standards for the healthcare of people who have Inflammatory Bowel Disease which were launched in February 2009.

The full report contains detailed information about the organisation and structure of adult IBD services in the UK including how the situation has changed across the different rounds of the audit. The executive summary is a shorter version which highlight the key findings and recommendations from the full report.

Key recommendations

  • Sites should work to establish an identifiable IBD team with a named clinical lead
  • Clinical pharmacy support for the IBD team should be strengthened given the high cost and complexity of the drug regimes that are often used
  • Colorectal surgeons should be encouraged to enter the data on pouch operations onto the ACPGBI Ileal Pouch Registry.
  • Sites should work to engage psychology and counselling services.
  • IBD Team meetings and multidisciplinary working should remain a focus of the IBD team in the face of opposing pressures
  • Any opportunity to improve the bed to toilet ratio should be grasped and IBD teams should seek to create solutions within a defined timescale.