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IBD organisational audit - Paediatric report - round three 2011

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This 2011 report constitutes the second round of the national audit of the organisation of paediatric IBD services. This is the first round to audit paediatric IBD services directly against the National Service Standards for the healthcare of people who have Inflammatory Bowel Disease which were launched in February 2009.

The full report contains detailed information about the organisation and structure of paediatric IBD services in the UK including how the situation has changed across the different rounds of the audit. The executive summary is a shorter version which highlight the key findings and recommendations from the full report.

Key recommendations

  1. All sites should capture clinical data about their IBD patients on regularly maintained databases to support the management of their care. A national register towards which local sites could contribute should be developed to provide accurate numbers of incidence of IBD
  2. The average for the number of patients managed by each paediatric site is potentially lower than the reality given that sites were asked not to include the number of patients with inflammatory bowel disease type unclassified (IBDU) in their totals. The UK IBD Audit Steering Group should try to address the issue of how to include these patients in future rounds
  3. Given the rarity of admissions for Acute Severe Colitis plans should be made to ensure that a guideline for the management of this condition is available in all sites