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Quality Improvement in IBD (historical project)

What we are doing

The inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) programme was established over 10 years ago with the aim of improving the quality and safety of care for people with IBD throughout the UK. The initial emphasis was to audit quality and care to show variation, but through four rounds of audit the programme has steadily evolved to encompass a wider range of quality improvement measures.

Eight regional service improvement workshops were conducted by the IBD programme team in 2015. The aim of the workshops was to provide IBD teams with dedicated time away from day-to-day practice to reflect on their service using their own data to identify areas for change; to network with colleagues to share expertise and examples of best practice, and to leave the workshop with an action plan to implement and evaluate improvement in their IBD service.

From this, the ‘Improving quality in IBD services’ report was written as an overview of the process, summarising the content and feedback from the workshops and also sharing successes and experiences of IBD teams as they work to develop their services.

What we have produced

In March 2015, a series of seven workshops for IBD services were held throughout England and Wales. The objectives of these workshops were to facilitate IBD teams to:

The Improving quality in IBD report summarises the content and feedback from the 2015 regional service improvement workshops and shares successes and experiences of IBD teams.