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Resources for physician associates

The RCP recognises the importance of physician associates and has worked with the Faculty of Physician Associates (FPA) to develop CPD-approved training to support the development of this essential role.

PA supervision workshops

After interviewing a range of senior Physician Associates (PAs), we found there is a clear appetite for training on educational supervision amongst senior PAs. It's estimated that there are already around 400 PAs who are fulfilling a PA supervisory role in Trusts, so we have developed new supervision workshops to support them in doing so.

Delivered online as two half-day workshops in a virtual classroom, the PA supervision workshops will give learners time to assimilate the skills, knowledge and behaviours discussed in workshop 1 into their practice which can then be further explored in workshop 2. The half day workshops will run from 10:00am to 12:30pm and from 1:30pm to 4:00pm.

The training will be facilitated by a member of RCP clinical faculty; a senior consultant or PA with expertise in the field of supervision alongside an RCP educationalist who brings educational expertise.

Workshop 1: principles of supervision
Learning outcomes
•    list the qualities of an effective supervisor
•    describe the features of an effective appraisal  meeting 
•    explain how to deliver constructive and supportive feedback 
•    recognise the importance of setting SMART targets to enable progression   
•    recognise the signs and symptoms of supervisees requiring additional support
•    explain – and apply – some strategies to support supervisees requiring additional support

Suitable for senior or lead PAs tasked with providing ‘educational supervision’ to junior PAs; other AHPs with supervisory responsibilities for PAs

Workshop 2: supervising Physician Associates 
Learning outcomes
•    describe the key elements of the PA appraisal process
•    summarise the key features of the Physician Associate toolkit for appraisal
•    explain the format and structure of Physician Associate portfolios
•    describe key features of Physician Associate progression and careers

Suitable for senior or lead PAs tasked with providing ‘educational supervision’ to junior PAs; other AHPs with supervisory responsibilities for PAs and doctors with supervisory responsibilities for PAs.

The half-day workshops will run at least twice a year with both workshops in one day, either side of the HS financial year-end to ensure that PAs can get suitable funding and study leave if needed. Each half-day workshop will cost £150, with early bird and member discount available, PAs will have the option of attending the 2 x half days at different times to make study leave and funding possible in all cases.

Register your interest for upcoming dates by emailing education.courses@rcp.ac.uk.

Workshops for PAs

Working and leading in teams

This half-day workshop in London will explore your current team structure and function, and suggest how you can maximise its performance. By identifying different theories and methods, including leadership styles, we aim to equip you with practical ideas to utilise in your own workplace.

Teaching in the clinical setting

This half-day workshop in London for physician associates with an interest in teaching will provide you with practical suggestions to maximise the learning opportunities for your learners, and to address any common challenges.

A dual workshop booking discount is available if you wish to attend both workshops on the same day, saving you up to £90.

Register your interest for upcoming dates by emailing education.courses@rcp.ac.uk.

Developing Excellence in Leadership

This programme consists of 5x 1 day workshops, to be delivered in-person (but with the opportunity to join online) at the Spine in Liverpool. The programme is aimed at experienced PAs new to leadership positions, or aspiring to them, with no or little experience of leadership training. 

The overarching aims of the programme are: 

  • To develop leadership skills for Physician Associates which will be applicable across a range of working contexts
  • For Physician Associates to gain a greater understanding of leadership theories
  • For Physician Associates to develop insight into their own leadership style(s) and the impact this has on the multi-disciplinary teams with which they work

Day 1: introduction to leadership 
Day 2: the individual as leader
Day 3: organisational leadership
Day 4: leadership and clinical teams
Day 5: wellbeing and resilience

To register your interest please email fpa@rcp.ac.uk.