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Asthma Audit Development Project (AADP) phase 2 final report

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The Asthma Audit Development Project (AADP): Phase 2 final report presents key findings, patient quotes, conclusions and recommendations for the next steps on how a national asthma audit should be conducted.


Asthma is the most common lung disease in the UK, with approximately 8 million diagnosed cases  (12% of the population), up to 5.4 million people actively receiving treatment, and around 160,000 new diagnoses each year. Asthma accounts for 60,000 hospital admissions, 200,000 bed days, approximately 6.4 million GP and nurse consultations and an estimated cost of £1.1 billion a year to  the UK health service.


Following the acceptance of phase 1’s proposal by funders and stakeholder groups, phase 2 of the AADP was launched with the following specific objectives:  

  • to design and deliver the phase 2 activity described in the selected option of the phase 1 appraisal  
  • to produce a report for HQIP on the work undertaken.

In order to meet these objectives, phase 2 of the AADP included:  

  • planning, designing, developing and testing the proposed audit methodology, secondary care datasets (adult and paediatric) and primary care queries  
  • exploring additional information sources, including pharmacy/prescribing, ambulance and  patient reported outcome and experience measures (PROMS and PREMS).    

This report outlines the steps taken to meet the objectives set and conclusions and proposed  recommendations for next steps based on the activities of, and information obtained by, phase 2 of  the AADP.  

How to use this report

This report comes as:

  • Project report – this presents full project methodology, key findings, patient quotes, conclusions and recommendations for next steps.
  • Patient summary report – this provides a more concise, lay friendly, summary of the report, and contains visualisations of the project methodology and findings, along with head line conclusions and recommendations.

The complete AADP pilot storyboard is also available to download.

Please note that all appendices for this report can be found via the separate appendices document. A table of contents is available to help you navigate these.